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A lot of public accounting firms talk  about their culture.  At PKF Texas, we turn talk into action. From the board room to the break room, the people of PKF Texas are dedicated professionals who enjoy each other, our clients, and our collaborative and innovative environment – and lead rich lives outside the office.

Our slogan says it all: PKF - People the Key to our Future®. At PKF Texas, your voice will be heard and your career ambitions valued. We believe that in order to delight our clients, we must nurture a culture that concentrates as much on our people as on the numbers.  We believe appreciation will be infectious. We believe wins should be celebrated. We believe our team members are our second family.

Our directors are committed to continue to build a firm where people can have a career - and a life. PKF Texas' culture is centered on principles of life/work balance – flextime, flex-pace, and investments in technology that allow our team members to work from anywhere. 

And it's paying off. In our State of the Firm meeting, our firm leadership reported that PKF Texas was growing and prospering, even though our team members worked fewer hours overall.  This people-first, profits-follow approach to building our firm has made it a destination workplace in Houston.

Our Firm Taskforces

In many organizations, decisions are made by a handful of leaders in mysterious, closed-door meetings. At PKF Texas – our slogan is PKF - People the Key to our Future® – we invite broad-based dialogue and input through three dynamic task forces. Seats on these taskforces are highly sought and valued positions:

  • Staff Advisory Committee – Serves as a forum for “think tank” dialogue between the firm leadership and team members from all levels and disciplines as a pulse point for funneling the feedback and needs of the rest of the firm. They research best practices and data to present to the group, intellectually debate and then recommend a solution to better the firm.

  • Journalism Advisory Group – Brainstorms topics for the editorial content of The Edge digital magazine, the firm’s award-winning quarterly business periodical and TheCPADesk.com, the firm's corporate blog. The taskforce also serves as an editorial board to submit articles to a variety of publications including Accounting Today, Tax Adviser and other industry news sources.

  • PKF University – Guides firm training programs with the goal of the personal and professional skill enhancement of our team members in mind. The firm’s longest standing taskforce, this firm program is modeled throughout the industry and won a Practical Accountant Practice Innovation award.

These and other inter-departmental taskforces meet several times a year. They are important for their functional roles as well as for providing a forum for building thought leadership skills, helping shape our culture and promoting cross-departmental collaboration.

Diversity and Inclusion Buddy, Coach and Mentor Program

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Desk Buddies Video Series

Introducing a new video series from PKF Texas - Desk Buddies! How well do our team members really know each other? Find out and get to know some of the faces of our firm, starring:

Season 1, Episode 1: Bryant and Ali, Celise and Diana, and Khoa and Brittain

Season 2, Episode 2: Ben and Austin, Becky and Emily, and Kevin and Prentice

Season 3, Episode 3: Gloria and Megan, Bryant and Ali, and Ryan and Aditi

Season 4, Episode 4: Eva and Jola, Brielle and Jennifer, and Richard and Jake

Episode Specials: Bailey and Obum; Noverlena and Amy; Drake and Haley

Desk Buddies