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Hi, my name is Chris Dodd. I'm a Senior Tax Manager.

Why did you choose to be a CPA?
I chose to become a CPA, because everything just fit. I was taking accounting classes, and it's what I like to do--accounting and finance--and it worked for me.

How did you find out about PKF Texas and why did you choose the firm?
Found out about PKF Texas through the campus recruiting process at the University of Houston. I met with PKF. I talked with the people, I enjoyed my conversations, I enjoyed the interview. I felt that every accounting firm would teach you technical skills. They all really did the same things, but it's really who you're going to be working with and the number of hours that we do work, you really have to enjoy the people that you work with.

What stood out about PKF Texas?
Just the people, I think. Just the biggest thing is always the people. I think that's the big part of our culture is putting an emphasis and focus on the people.

Describe PKF Texas in one word.
I would say entrepreneurial. We deal with a lot of entrepreneurs, and internally, we also have to be very entrepreneurial with our ideas, with how we're going to become more efficient with changing technology, changing environment, how people work, the flexibility. We always have to be changing with the mindset towards the future.

What is your favorite PKF Texas perk?
The flexibility. Sometimes when I wake up early, and I'm at home, I want to start working. I don't always want to just stop my work, get ready, drive through traffic and then get here and then all of a sudden lose that initial momentum that I had in the morning. So sometimes, especially during busy season, I get up and I start work early on a project. I like to be able to work all the way through to completion, and so sometimes during busy season I come in in the middle of the day versus right at the very beginning of the day, just to make sure I'm getting stuff done, and I'm ensuring that I fully utilize that momentum.

Describe PKF Texas’ culture.
I would say the biggest thing that I like about the culture is the willingness to help and the willingness to teach. I know not every place has this. I think we've interviewed several people, and they all haven't had this from their previous location, the previous environment, but I think at PKF, we always want to teach; again it's a focus on the people, and in public accounting, the people feed the machine, and if you're not teaching your people, there's no way you or your firm is going to be able to grow.

Describe your typical workday.
That's actually why I like being in public accounting. I don't have a typical workday. One day may just be full compliance, the next day may be consulting, the next day may be internal training presentations, or even giving those trainings. I think each week we're doing several different things, which provides the variety that I like.

What energizes you about your job?
Again, it's a variety. I'm not just doing the same things day in and day out. I think that if I was doing that, I probably wouldn't be here, because, you know, that's what really bores me--is just doing the same thing over and over again, and PKF and public accounting have provided me that variety.

What type of clients do you serve?
I serve a wide variety of clients, anywhere between entrepreneurial owner-operated businesses all the way to private equity-backed businesses, oil and gas services operations, oil and gas production operations and chemical manufacturers, so I run the gambit on clients.

What’s your most memorable experience at PKF Texas?
I don't have one most memorable. I think all of the experience culminated into my general liking of where I am in the firm. I think we, you know, thinking back on busy season, the post-busy season kickball games, crawfish broils... All those things that come together just help me have a better feeling of PKF.

Why have you chosen to stay at PKF Texas?
I think it's all the factors I mentioned: the flexibility, the willingness to just help your fellow teammate, the willingness to teach, the entrepreneurial spirit here. I think all those things together provide the reason why I stay at PKF.


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