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I'm Bethany Andell. I am the President and CEO of Savage Brands, and I'm actually the second-generation owner and fearless leader of the company. My mother founded it in 1973, the year I was born, so I was literally born into the businesses is what we like to joke about. And Savage Brands is a branding and communications company, but what makes us a little bit different is that we're trying to revolutionize corporate America. We really want to bring back trust and reputation into capitalism, and we believe businesses are a force for good and that if a business really can articulate their purpose and their values and live that way, and that is expressed through their brand, their marketing, in the way that they deliberately build their culture, that we will have a lot more longevity and a positive reputation in the market, so that's what we're based on -- want to do good and we want to have fun and we want to make money.

What is it like to work with PKF Texas?
I can't even tell you the year we've been working with PKF Texas -- for at least over a decade now, and we first approached Byron at PKF Texas, because we felt like we needed a more strategic and professional approach to our accounting and finance needs. We'd worked with kind of a one-man shop for many years, and we were trying to professionalize the business, because we were experiencing a lot of growth and knew that kind of--that was an important leg in the stool, of running and growing this business was to engage with a more professional accounting and finance team.

We work with PKF Texas in a number of different capacities. Obviously, our accounting and our taxes and the things you would expect from working with an accounting firm, but more importantly, we've come to rely on PKF Texas and our team as business consultants for us in our growth. So, you know, some different ways that we've worked with them is to handle the design of our core processes as we grow when we scale. We've worked with them on coaching our team on financials and how to understand financials and the numbers and leading indicators for our business. We worked with them to actually staff our team staff or accounting team, which was very helpful to me and also when we had to do structure. Basically partner agreements and transitions. You know, they were there for me to figure out the best way to go about that.

One of the major challenges we have with companies like Savage Brands, others in our industry, is that we're going to creative field, so numbers kind of get the back seat. And so what's interesting is in my work with PKF Texas is they've really coached and guided my leadership team and helped us become more efficient with our numbers, because we don't want, you know, our administrative or accounting or finance processes to affect the ability for my team to produce their best work, and at the same time we need to know that we're looking at key indicators and things that drive our business and business results. So, it really helped me kind of marry the two and work through some core processes that have been instrumental to making the back office of Savage very seamless, and as a CEO, what I'm looking at, more meaningful and helping make decisions based on real business numbers and business information.

What makes PKF Texas stand out?
PKF Texas stands out from a lot of other firms that I've worked with in my career, and I say that, because they care about me as a person, they care about me as an entrepreneur and they really understand my needs as a small business and as an entrepreneur. So, they're always available at the ready. They answer the phone when I call. Sometimes it's just those little things, and because they understand and care about me as a person, they have my best interests in mind, not just my company. That makes me feel really good. Obviously there's a lot of trust there, and I think some of that stems from a values alignment that Savage Brands has with PKF, which is very important to me, and I would hope for anybody. But it really makes them stand apart.

How has PKF Texas made a difference for your company?
PKF Texas has really made a difference for my firm, because they've become an extension of my team. So, when I first engaged with PKF Texas, I did not expect the type of service that I would eventually get from them. They understand me, they really get not just my financials, but my history in the context of our business and how we've morphed and changed. And because they are part of that narrative with us, I can rely on them around annual planning. I'm not constantly having to educate the PKF Texas team on who we are, what we stand for, and that's really important to me that I know that I don't have to have those people in house at Savage to still get that depth of knowledge and bring the expertise.

Why do you stay with PKF Texas?
There is no doubt in my mind that PKF Texas has all of the knowledge, all of the experience, all of the expertise that I would ever need in an accounting firm, but what makes me stay with my team is A) my relationship that I have built with Byron, with Jim, with Sam, with Mark, my crew; they’re my crew, they're part of my team, or extension of my team, and I love the fact that they have grown with Savage. So, when we started with them, you know, we were a totally different company, because we were in a service business just like PKF Texas, you constantly have to reinvent yourself and make sure that you're proving value to your clients. And because they have that narrative and that they've come along with me in that growth, I feel like we have a better partnership. It's tight and I would hate to lose what we've created together.

Would you recommend PKF Texas?
I would absolutely recommend PKF Texas, and I have--I refer them all the time. What's really great about them is if you want an accounting firm or a team that's more strategic and less tactical, they're your right people, so I wanted an accounting firm that I felt was a build out of my professional team. Somebody who really help me grow my business, not just get the accounting done, and they're perfect fit for that type of work. I also recommend them a lot, because they care about me, they care about my company, they care about my success, and obviously my success equates to their success. And I think that there's a really good alignment with that.


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