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Launching a business internationally, whether it is inbound or outbound from the United States, can be exhilarating and challenging, and often, frustrating. That's where the international professionals at PKF Texas can help. For more than 30 years, we at PKF Texas have been serving the international entrepreneurs' business advisory, tax and accounting needs to help them focus on operating their businesses more profitably. 

From this experience, we've tailored a menu of services that we believe are crucial to the early stages of your international business. Through PKF International and the Leading Edge Alliance, we access global networks of like-minded and affiliated accounting firms who can assist you in virtually any location of interest to you and your business. 

Our global network focused on servicing the international middle market includes:

  • Strong international relationships that have been in place, in some cases, between PKF Texas and our foreign associates for 30 or more years, with new and vibrant firms added regularly.
  • Regional business development directors charged with facilitating international connectivity and responsiveness.
  • Capability, through personal relationships, to provide introductions to PKF International firms and individual professionals in the most important markets in the world.

At PKF Texas, our process of evaluation and service includes:

Inbound and Outbound Companies

  • Identify basic business needs and provide sources of solution through our foreign affiliates in areas such as immigration, office space, banking, business legal counsel, U.S. or foreign payroll and employment taxes, and employee benefits like health insurance and other insurance protection.
  • Identify and address common misconceptions of foreign nationals doing business in the U.S.
  • Determine optimal international organizational structure and inter-company business agreements considering business and tax matters such as optimal legal entity selection, debt vs. equity financing, and repatriation of profits to home country.
  • U.S. and foreign accounting and bookkeeping assistance ranging from basic bookkeeping, to technical support for month-end closing of the books, the preparation of internal financial statements, training of employees, U.S. GAAP audits and reviews, and much more.
  • Review compensation packages for employees in light of U.S. and foreign company income taxes, including review/preparation of tax equalization computations, hypothetical tax scenarios, and tax gross-up computations on protected income.

Specific for Inbound Companies

  • Identify and comply with U.S. and state tax filing and reporting requirements including related party reporting issues such as transfer pricing and related party disclosures and with other transactional compliance related to U.S. withholding taxes.
  • Assist with basic U.S. registration requirements including tax identification numbers for business entities ("EIN") and individuals ("ITIN" or "SSN").
  • Individual tax planning for inbound employees and executives, including planning before the move to the U.S. and/or establishing U.S. tax residency and also planning for an eventual exit from the U.S.
  • Business establishment and growth incentives including state and local tax credits and incentives.
  • Assist with tax controversy matters – Federal, State and Local – including voluntary disclosure programs at both the Federal and State levels.
  • Connect with business groups and community leaders who can provide additional assistance.

Specific for Outbound Companies

  • From the U.S. perspective, connections to potential solutions for financing from Ex-Im to letters of credits.
  • Identify and work with foreign affiliates to comply with reporting requirements including related party reporting issues such as transfer pricing and related party disclosures, and with other transactional compliance related to U.S. and foreign withholding taxes.
  • Individual tax planning for outbound employees and executives, including planning and advice before the move from the U.S. and/or also planning for an eventual return to the U.S.
  • U.S. and foreign business establishment and growth incentives including U.S. state and local tax credits and incentives, and IC-DISC strategies for U.S. exporters.
  • Assistance with tax controversy matters – Foreign and U.S.

During our initial consultation, we will evaluate your business to determine the proper framework for your needs. We can also consider, if needed, accounting assistance at various levels along with internal control procedures and software application and implementation selections. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a Healthy Start® for your new international business or a healthy direction for your established business. Sometimes all you need is a little direction.