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A contractual agreement between parties can have complex terms, conditions, rights and responsibilities, which make it difficult to honor or fulfill. These complexities can have financial, legal and/or potentially negative impacts on a company and its brand. PKF Texas’ Contract Compliance Services team has experience working through these complexities and have found financial benefits for clients, while ensuring proper treatment of intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks.

Contract terms and conditions do not always reach the appropriate people in the organization who are responsible for fulfilling the contract requirements and expectations. Our Contract Compliance Services team has conducted engagements in various industries across the globe and has played a key role in the recovery of lost revenue, royalties and fees owed to clients. We use a non-adversarial approach to provide clients with the potential for a significant return on investment, recovery of audit fees and improved third-party relationships.

Contract Compliance Engagements/Audits/Reviews:

  • Franchise Compliance
  • Intellectual Property and Royalty Disputes
  • Vendor Management / Advertising Agency and/or Licensing Agency Compliance
  • Revenue Participation
  • Merchandising Revenue
  • Digital Distribution - Film/Music/Publishing
  • Software Asset / Licensing Management
  • Construction Contract Disputes
  • Lease Agreements
  • Joint Venture Audits
  • Third-Party Audit Support

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