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Whether you're an entrepreneur with a single office or the CFO of a multinational corporation, your business has unique goals and challenges, so cookie cutter solutions won't always work. The PKF Texas Consulting and Advisory team is ready to co-develop a solution to meet your needs.

Our consulting and advisory services team works with companies who are looking for:

  • Value-added consulting
  • Balancing conflicts of interest
  • Independence preservation
  • Resource constraints (internal or service provider related)



Other Consulting and Advisory Services

Our Philosophy:

With a sophisticated level of experience that comes from serving private and public companies with domestic or international interests, our clients tell us our innovative, entrepreneurial minded professionals provide valuable advice for their growth or tough financial challenges. 

A number of our private clients have been funded by private equity and venture capital firms. We are nimble and adaptable, addressing the accounting and reporting complexities these types of transactional arrangements may generate. 

Our consulting and advisory services are also designed for publicly traded or privately held companies who need an alternative to their primary provider of audit or tax service on certain projects or in instances where their current CPA firm has been conflicted out of certain sectors of work.

We work with you to assess your needs and complexities, then assemble a specialized team of directors, senior managers and managers with the capabilities to co-develop and perform the services you require.